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कॅरियर परामर्श सामग्री 2014



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* Orders regarding Merit-Lists order-140
* Orders for Old Result Varification order-68
* Orders for Labour Charge Rates order-1977
* Orders for bringing Photo ID for taking duplicate documents etc. order-325
* Orders for revised remunration rates dated 22.05.2014 order-51347
* Orders for vidhyarthi seva kendra dated 07.05.2014 order-51205-51209
* Orders for commetee dated 20.07.2013 order-3760-3768
* Orders for schools dated 30.05.2012 order-012-2851
* Orders regarding Exam dated 22.05.2012 order-2012-746
* Orders of Certificates dated 15.05.2012 order-2012-2366
* Orders of Scrutini dated 15.05.2012 order-2012-744
* Orders of Correction dated 02.03.2012 order-2012-3069
* Orders regarding TABULATION REGISTER dated 28.12.2011 order-2011-3341
* Orders regarding Duplicate Certificate dated 07.12.2011 order-2011-3496
* Orders regarding V.S.K. Dated 06.11.2011 order-2011-526
* Orders regarding Duplicate Certificate dated 04.08.2011 order-4082011
* Orders regarding Exam II dated 16.12.2010 order
* Orders regarding Exam II dated 16.11.2010 order - 36178
* Circular Dated 04.09.2009 Circular
* Orders regarding Record Verification Rules dated 11.01.2008 RecVeriOrd.pdf
* Orders regarding Tabulation register (TR) dated 16.11.2007 order-35.pdf
* Orders regarding Tabulation register (TR) dated 16.12.2006 order-34.pdf

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